Who We Are

DF Antincendio is a company
founded in 2008

It developed immediately in the field of classic fire extinguishers, the ones that you can find in any business premises or private home, and then in 2013 became one of the few companies qualified to perform maintenance on fixed fire extinguishing systems fitted in racing cars, from Rally to Formula 1.
It started with the leading Italian companies such as Sparco, Sabelt, Toora and Momo.

Since 2015, after various courses at the manufacturing companies, the company has established itself as the only one in Italy able to carry out the Maintenance of the gas and foam systems produced by major British companies such as FEV, Lifeline and Spa Technique.

It achieved ISO 9001:2015 Certification "Design and manufacture of fixed fire fighting systems for vehicles" in 2020

The number one focus of this company is the most complete transparency of the work it has done: a properly maintained fire extinguishing system can save your life or that of your driver.

There's more to compliance
than changing the sticker!

the only authorized partners in Italy!


Ordinary Maintenance

Maintenance of the fire extinguishing systems fitted to the racing cars is carried out every 2 years.

Extraordinary Maintenance

If the fire-extinguishing system is activated, accidentally or otherwise, Extraordinary Maintenance is carried out.

Fixed Gas

We also provide assistance on built in gas-based fire suppression systems (Novec 1230 or FE36) and we are the only company in Italy authorised to do so.

on the track

We provide assistance during major championships on race days directly on site at the track.

in the Workshop

If you have a large number of extinguishing systems that need to be checked, we can arrange for us to visit your workshop.


Restoration of dated extinguishing systems for vintage Formula 1 type collector cars. Fully operational and identical to how they were when new.

Qualified in the Field

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